Angry Onion Tote

Angry Onion is angry and disapproves of your dietary choices. It will make you cry by calling you names and referencing your mom.

Size (cm)

How do I order?

You can place your order by sending me an email with the specifications of your desired product. My art comes in different sizes and colors, so please feel free to inquire and I'll do my very best to deliver! The email is forwarded to

Delivery to Romania (FREE)

From the moment you place your order you can expect the product to be delivered between 4 and 8 days.
This ensures I have the time to process your order and send it to you safely. The package will be sent by FAN Courier.

Delivery to European Countries (free over 78€)

By regular mail. Delivery cost is €11,61.

Delivery to the US (free over 78€)

By regular mail. Delivery cost is €18,00.

Delivery to anywhere else (free over 78€)

By regular mail. Delivery cost is €19,41

  • My totes are created by "Atelierul de Panza". They are manually made out of 100% untreated, unbleached and undyed cotton.
  • Atelierul de panza works towards its environmental and social mission by offering alternatives to plastic bags and providing jobs for disabled individuals.
  • ‍65 cm strips, 5 cm bottom, velcro

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