Branding and design

I do project branding based on what the business type consists of. The deliverables are different depending on your profile. Are you a bar or restaurant? New business or regular? Branding includes graphic design applied to many items, from signage in the building, menus, coasters, business cards, etc.

Brand and competitor Research

Based on your business type, there's a sketching and analysis phase. What is your like? Who is your ideal client? We look at competitors to gain insight on what works and what doesn't.


Furiously sketching options, concept or shape that can scale, leaving room for your business to grow.

Logo design

Designing the actual logo, usable on any environment, be it digital or print, big or small, so that it looks good all the time on every format.


Businesses are online and offline, and a guide of typography will ensure your brand is being consistent in the future, no matter what content you create on websites or print.

Brand colors

Businesses evolve over time, but a good brand is prepared for growth. What works with a red logo? Now you will know, because you will have a set of colors to be used, complementary hues etc. Have more sections under an umbrella brand? will set up all of them.

Business cards and other printables

Banners, flyers, menus, coasters, t-shirts, catalogs, signage, roll-ups, totes, hats, brochures, and whatever else needs printing, packed with ready-to-print knowledge *drops mic. best printable pdf in town.

Digital assets - icons, images

If your projects needs social media images, or your app needs a nice icon, I can ILLUSTRATE that to match your brand.

Want to work together?

I only take 2 projects each month to bring out doses playful weird. If your project should be my next awesome reason to make fun and useful things, get in touch to find out if we're a good fit!