Code and hosting

If you're a business that needs an online presence but no need for anything big, then I might have the solution for you.

Presentation website

Based on a design I can deliver an actual flesh and blood website (kidding. it's digital. digital blood and flesh) See example


Need a blog? I can design a blog for you, and can also host it on the webflow platform. If you host it you will be able to:

Fully responsive

Everything I design works on all screens, from laptops to mobile phones, so your customers can feast on your content from any device.

Export the code

If you have your own hosting I can deliver production ready code that you can upload anywhere you like! Easy. Well, as far as exporting. Otherwise you need a new developer, but I can...

offer hosting

I can offer hosting that comes with a few perks like the option to edit your content wherever you are, directly on the website; Works well with adding products or blog posts.
More info about Webflow hosting HERE

Want to work together?

I only take 2 projects each month to bring out doses playful weird. If your project should be my next awesome reason to make fun and useful things, get in touch to find out if we're a good fit!