For devs

Design services consisting mostly of UI and UX, with a touch of branding and animation. thats' what the average dev needs. the usual designer that can do many things.

User experience

Depending on your project status, I can intervene at any stage in the design workflow. You need help defining your product? Check. You need help with focusing on the user's needs? Check. user experience.

User interface

I can take basically any wireframe and turn it into sexy flat design. From the original setup to an already established design. see more about ui

Add some personality

Illustration is a very good way of making your apps or websites go the extra mile.


I can add flavor by designing interactions too. embeddable animations work nicely with HTML :)

Prices For Devs start from 30euro/h

Want to work together?

I only take 2 projects each month to bring out doses playful weird. If your project should be my next awesome reason to make fun and useful things, get in touch to find out if we're a good fit!