Images help your audience connect with you and relate.

For books

Illustrations done in a variety of subject matter. I do prefer a few though, characters, funny things, little messages, and towns. But I'm game for anything.

for games

I can deliver any type of format, depending on the requirements discussed prior. Like characters for animation with all the pieces sold separately.

Deciding on what to draw

I do a sketching round so we define the idea and elements. When we've decided the composition and we have a basic color scheme then we start rolling.

Finishing up

Based on your feedback and vision I can start working on the final image. I work best with a lot of information, specifically since my art is on the detailed side and I love adding little easter eggs everywhere.

can animate them

The fun part is that some bits of the illustrations can move :) see animation

Want to work together?

I only take 2 projects each month to bring out doses playful weird. If your project should be my next awesome reason to make fun and useful things, get in touch to find out if we're a good fit!