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How do you get closer to your audience?

Persona is an identity management solution based on blockchain and needed to connect to their now-in-control users. How do you connect with your users coming from a technical side? My mission is to create imagery and interfaces everyone can understand and relate to.

Cartoon Girl wearing a blue t-shirt waving hello to three speech bubbles with welcoming messages
‍Meet the Persona relatable character

Persona character cartoon surrounded by blockchain system

The Persona App

The design strategy involves appealing to a young generation of users that are more connected than ever. They need to better understand what information they give away while online, and to have a secure way of controlling it. They are also open and interested in protecting their information.

persona app identity blockchain

The personal information is kept and verified in the blockchain.

Relatable identity

We kept the consistent personable message from the branding to all the other assets. The logo aims to deliver the same personal identity message.

Visual tone

Everything is given a fun memorable twist.

Id being verified

Personal bubble of used services

‍Everything is connected

the landing page

The website uses the same lighthearted visuals meant to lead the viewer through the most important bits of content without having to read and leave a lasting impression.

Persona landing page blockchain

other assets

Design of Business cards floating in air
Business cards
Set of stickers with persona on them
A 3d image of graphic design on paper for persona
Graphic design example

Tshirt design

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