Subjective places

Visiting places around the world inspired me to imagine conceptual versions, filled with highlights and subjective memories. This series is a set of travel subjective “photographs”


The island of Skiathos is a tiny island in my mind, filled with cats, blue shutters and quaint shops.

This island is based on real architecture spotted and photographed around the island

Christmas Island

When I was a little girl I would go visit my grandmother’s home, and surely enough there was a Christmas tree there. I would sit under it and look up and imagine a whole universe of stories, looking at lights and smelling the tree <3. This is just one tiny universe built around the Christmas tree.

Comes together with busses going up, small villages, a winter sports  and dangerous cliffs. The sky was really important to me as a kid, so naturally a telescope would always be visible.

Drawn by hand with finalizer <3 and painted in Adobe Photoshop in the end

My Block of Flats

I grew up in Bucharest, in one of many communist type of modernist apartment buildings. My world as a kid was small so I depicted this as being a really small universe, but filled with wondrous things. 

All of the elements have roots in my childhood some way or another.

Kids blowing cornete, the decoration of the balcony that doesn’t match the rest of the paint, storage, people smoking (and throwing cigarettes outside) the neighbors that always drilled at 8am, the lack of air conditioning. The sweet old lady giving us water so we can continue playing hopscotch, frunza and others. The neighbor that always spied on the others, the smell of food and the eternal Christmas lights in June. 

I improved on this, because I always wanted to have a garden on top of the building from where to watch the sky in the evening <3

Transilvania town

My grandmother comes from Transylvania and I've always felt that the architecture in that area is more warm and fun, and the days are slower. This is a depiction of a town abstract, together with the old lady slowly going to the shop, the bike always visible (people there seemed to ride way more bikes than here).

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