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Cerebral illustrator designer

Growing in Bucharest, I had a pencil glued to my hand most of the time. Always curious, fell in love with computers and after that with architectural design.

A headshot of Raluca Mitarca the designer


After getting over the (uncalled for) fear that I have to give up many fun things to focus on one, I proceeded with blending all my skills together, mixing design with UI, UI with illustration, and all that with a love for computers and new shiny tech.

Capturing essences

Squiggly lines, bright colors, taking ideas and elements and creating a cohesive image. I create tiny worlds and, while I draw I love imagining how the people or characters inside the drawing interact. Many of the things in there are created on the spot, and this makes the illustration really flowy, without losing the initial concept that I apply continuously.


I love learning new things everyday and for the past 4 years I've had a "One Google a Day" rule. I experiment with many things, expanding my knowledge to a bit of coding (just a bit) and animation to top things off.

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